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“This is exactly my sort of music… I absolutely love it… A brilliant EP from a band I will definitely be following up further in the future and if I have any sway on booking bands for festivals…. I’m definitely gonna throw these guys in to the ring for that” Ben Darwin, Blues From The Ouse, 2020 (listen here at 1:16: Blues From The Ouse)

“What can we say about these guys! They blew the Heart & Soul away a couple of months ago and we had to get them back! Superb Bluesy vibes from 3 of the nicest guys you could ever meet!” Heart & Soul, Romford, Jan 2020

Five Points Gang began in a Notting Hill rehearsal studio in early 2019 when Joe Pearson (vocals, guitar), Dinho Barral (bass) and their original drummer met for a jam. Dinho had only arrived in London from his home in Brazil a few weeks previously, and Joe had recently relocated from South Wales.

The mission was clear from the outset; bring back free flowing “real” music, deliver exciting live performances, and move blues into the 21st century. Within 6 months the band had written a host of original material and recorded a live performance (“Live! At The Premises”) along with beauti- fully shot promotional videos. The band focused on cutting their teeth in central London and quickly developed a reputation for searing live performances, gaining regular headline spots in the club scene. By February 2020, the band had secured festival bookings for the summer, a joint tour with their friends in the Mark Pontin Group, won a chance to support Jools Holland in the spring and performed an electrifying headline show at London’s iconic 100 Club.

Things were looking very bright, and then the pandemic struck. Within the first few weeks of the initial lockdown, the band had an idea; why not record and release some new songs recorded in isolation, with every member contributing audio and video parts? This quickly escalated when the gang began asking respected members of the UK blues scene, as well as their musician friends from around the world, to guest on each new video. This proved to be a hit, with UK blues radio stations immediately adding new “lockdown tracks” to their playlists. Along with radio play from their original EP, Five Points began climbing up the playlist charts, despite having no live shows whatsoever. To date, 8 videos featuring 12 musicians have been completed.

Convinced they could increase their output even more, Dinho and Joe began to release weekly acoustic cover videos from their archives, starting in January 2021, with the aim of giving fans something to lift their lockdown spirits. Around this time, the gang reached an agreement with an up and coming record label, Lunaria Records, to release their debut full-length album, set to be released late spring/early summer 2021, featuring a host of newly written original songs.

Since the pandemic began, the band has actually been busier than ever before! A new year brought a new drummer, and they were delighted to welcome the fabulously talented Gaet Allard in to the gang in February. Gaet, hailing from France, proves the band’s strapline to be absolutely true: 21st Century International Blues.

What about the music itself? Well, you get the low down, dirty blues you’d expect from an aggressive bar room blues band, but you also get anthemic choruses, a big dash of soul-driven vocal harmonies, some very danceable funk inspired grooves, pyrotechnic musicianship, and above all, a performance delivered with a huge wry smile, with the audience every bit as involved as the band themselves.

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